What is a Septic wastewater treatment system and why is it important that our products are safe to use and will not affect these systems? Septic tanks are environmentally friendly options for homeowners and in some cases the only option for rural residents. They are an underground chamber that domestic wastewater flows into for treatment. In this process solids and organics are reduced. The term septic refers to anaerobic bacteria that develops in the tank and decomposes the waste discharged into the tank.

Why it is important that you are using septic safe products such as Pureflor? It is going to ensure that you do not affect the bacteria in the septic systems. The critical part of the septic system is protecting the good bacteria and not using products in the home that can destroy this beneficial bacterium.

Using non-septic safe products can lead to septic system-failure. Signs of this are evident when water or sewage from toilets, drains and sinks are backed up. Signs also include bathtubs, showers and sinks draining very slowly and gurgling sounds from the plumbing systems. Outside the house, standing water, damp spots near the septic tank or drain field, bad odours around the septic tank, bright green lush grass over the septic tank even in dry weather, algal blooms in nearby natural water systems and higher levels of nitrates or coliform bacteria in water wells are bad signs.

Septic tanks are not designed to protect groundwater from chemicals found in household cleaners. Using these non-septic safe cleaning product poses a significant risk to human health as well as the environment. If these chemicals are introduced to the septic tank, it can kill the bacteria stopping the separation and potentially poisoning waterways.

Cleaning products to avoid are water softeners, antibacterial cleaners and disinfectants, chlorine bleach, chemical drain cleaners and products containing methylisothiazolinone. Pureflor is the best alternative to chemical cleaners, it is 100% biodegradable and natural, containing no chemical agents as well as being pH neutral. Our products are septic safe which means you do not have to worry about septic maintenance and repair due to failure as well as ensuring the safety of those in your home and the surrounding natural environment.