Harnessing natural, safe and biodegradable enzymes

Built to Australian Quality and Environmental Standards, Pureflor isn’t like other cleaning products out there. Natural, safe and powerful – we’ve dived deep into researching what truly works on surfaces.

Using an organic multi-enzyme formula, both our hard and soft surface cleaning solutions break down and eliminate dirt, stains, oil and food from surfaces.

Our research was led by a need for a truly effective, all-natural cleaning solution for the home. This is why Pureflor products have a neutral pH level of 7, meaning they won’t damage or leave marks on your flooring or soft surfaces. With zero harmful chemicals like chlorine or phosphates, Pureflor cleaning solutions are both biodegradable and a safe choice for your family.

How to use our surface cleaners

Hard Surface Cleaner

1. Add a capful of Hard Surface Cleaner concentrate to the spray bottle in your Starter Kit and fill with water.

2. Spray the solution onto the floor and mop. Allow to dry. Hard Surface Cleaaner will continue to break down grease and grime even after it dries.

3. For larger areas, measure out 100ml and pour into a 10L bucket of water. Use a flat head micro fibre mop for best results.

Usage is approximately 100ml of diluted product for every 10 square metres of floor.

Soft Surface Cleaner

1. Pour or spray Soft Surface Cleaner liberally onto stain.

2. Wait 5-10 minutes, then wipe clean. If required, re-spray and wipe clean. Older stains may require a second application.
Recommended for carpets, soft furnishings, mattresses and fabrics.

For other answers on our products, head to our FAQs page.

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