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Where are Pureflor products made?

Pureflor’s hard and soft surface cleaners are 100% manufactured in Australia with locally sourced ingredients.

What goes into Pureflor products?

We’ve spent years researching the most environmentally safe and truly effective
ingredients for breaking down dirt and stains.

- Pureflor Soft Surface Cleaner contains: Enzyme Blend 1.0-10%, Alcohol
Ethoxylate 1.0-10%, Fragrance 0.5%, Inorganic Salts<1%, Insoluble
Matter <1%

- Pureflor Hard Surface Cleaner contains: Enzyme Blend 10-20%,
Alcohol Ethoxylate 1-5%, Sodium Octanesulfonate 1-3%

Are your products safe?

Our Soft Surface Cleaner and Hard Surface Cleaner contain biodegradable,
organic enzymes that act to quickly break down dirt molecules. This makes them
safer to use in the home and on the planet than traditional commercial cleaning
As a cleaning product, you want to avoid getting in contact with your eyes or
digesting our solutions. If you do get any in your eyes, flush with water for 15
minutes and, if irritation persists, contact a physician. If you ingest, drink cool
water and contact a physician. DO NOT INDUCE VOMITING.

Do you test on animals?

No, we don’t test on animals.

Can I use Pureflor around my pets?

Yes! Thanks to the eco-friendly ingredients in the Pureflor range of soft and hard
surface cleaners, they’re safe to use in the home. Of course, it’s not a good idea to
ingest any cleaning solution, no matter how natural its ingredients. If a pet

ingests a Pureflor cleaning solution or comes into contact directly with it and
their eyes, seek veterinary help.

How are your products different to others?

The Pureflor range of cleaning solutions comes from many years of research and
development by the Polyflor team, who have accumulated 100 years of expertise
into flooring surfaces and how to maintain them.

The result is a formula for both our soft and hard surface cleaners that utilises
the incredible power of multi-enzymes. These plant-based agents work to break
down dirt and grime stuck to your surfaces. This means Pureflor products don’t
contain any of the nasty chemicals you typically see in many surface cleaners,
and with a solution that works more effectively.

What surfaces can I use your products on?

The world is your oyster! Check out the below surfaces that we have successfully
tested our products on.
Pureflor Hard Surface Cleaner – you can use this on most hard surfaces around
the home, such as benchtops, hard flooring (timber, vinyl, concrete, tiles) and
bathroom tiling.

We don’t recommend using on glass in case of spotting.
Pureflor Soft Surface Cleaner – you can use this on carpets, fabric furniture,
blankets, cushions and curtains.

How long does your Hard Surface Cleaner last?

We recommend a dilution ratio of 100:1 for our Hard Surface Cleaner. This means each bottle has the potential to clean 10,000m 2 , making it a long-lasting and affordable cleaning solution for the home and office.

Is it safe to use Pureflor Hard Surface Cleaner on wood floors?

Yes! Our Hard Surface Cleaner is made up of an eco-friendly formula, using plant-
based enzymes to break down dirt. This means it doesn’t have typically harmful
chemicals, like chlorine or phosphates, or acidic pH levels that can sometimes
stain or damage timber floors. This makes Pureflor Hard Surface Cleaner a safe
and effective hard wood floor cleaner.

Payment and delivery

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What is the shipping policy?

When you make a purchase online with us, we’ll send you through a tracking link
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