Pets are not just companions, they are a part of the family. So why would put their health at risk and compromise their safety. As a pet owner, it’s our responsibility to ensure that the products we use within our home are safe and not toxic to our curious furry friends.

A lot of floor and surface cleaners use either Potassium Hydroxide (KOH), Sodium hydroxide (NaOH), Sodium hypochlorite (NaClO) or Ammonia (NH3). All of which are inorganic caustic chemical compounds. In a lot of cases cleaning companies have to dilute their products so that the caustic active ingredient become less than 1% so that they are able to sell it to the consumer. That means you are paying obscene amounts of money for over 99% water! The danger that these companies pose when suggesting that these watered-down solutions are pet safe is that they still pose a risk if your pets come into contact or ingest the solution. It is not ethically correct to market your products as pet safe and then state in your health and safety articles that you need to exercise caution when using products around pets.

This is where Pureflor comes in. A true pet safer alternative that is not dishonest in its claims of being safe for use around pets. Pureflor cleaning solutions use a natural enzyme that breaks down dirt and oil, cleaning your surfaces without the use of harmful chemicals and ingredients toxic for pets.

Pets can be exposed to these harsh chemicals in a variety of different way. They could be accidently sprayed, knock over a container creating a spillage, walk through or worse case ingest. What you probably don’t release about these cleaning solutions made up of chemicals and water is that once the product dries on the floor and the water has evaporated you are left with detergent residue that now is not diluted by water but coating your floor with a chemical strength of 100%.

In some cases, you may not notice and clear clinical signs straight away as they can be delayed. If you think your pet has been exposed or you have witnessed it yourself, it is critical to determine the type of product that has been involved and check the list of ingredients, from there the scale of risk can be determined and appropriate treatment sourced.

For example, if your pet ingested Potassium Hydroxide (KOH), because it is a strong alkali, it will burn the esophagus, however if a large quantity is ingested the stomach and intestines can get involved. The severity of the injury is dependent on a number of factors including how long your pet came into contact with the liquid, the volume they ingested as well as the concentration.

When you purchase the Pureflor starter kit you are not only beginning your journey of quality eco-friendly cleaning in your home, but you are protecting the pets you love so dearly. Consciously choose to protect them with Pureflor as our products are designed and tested for a better environment in your home.