Owning an animal is not always sunshine rainbow and belly rubs, we know the mind of pets can be challenging to deal with. Especially when our puppies and kittens leave a not so happy surprises on our brand-new rug!

If your fury four-legged companion is not toilet trained or they somehow managed to miss the doggy door and take a left for the living room, don’t stress accidents happen, or at least we hope they were accidents. Luckily Pureflor gives you the peace of mind that your rug or upholstery can return to its former glory. Simply use Pureflor’s Soft Surface Cleaner. The enzymes in our Soft Surface Cleaner work to break down your pet stains into their natural elements of water and carbon dioxide which easily merge into their environment, opposed to polluting it!

Our recommended method is to spray the stain with our Soft Surface Cleaner and use a microfiber cloth. It is best to use a new cloth when cleaning carpet stains as existing dirt on an old cloth can make the stain worse.

Pureflor Soft Surface Cleaner ensures odours are completely removed, leaving you with a clean and fresh smelling space that doesn’t contain any lingering overpowered artificial fragrances.

Our formula’s enzymes are incorporated into water at a very low concentration, making them safe for the environment, maintaining our ecologically conscious practices. All components are safe for living organisms as well as being biodegradable and safe for aquatic life.

It is important to know, before using the Soft Surface Cleaner you should test for colour fastness in an inconspicuous area of the room as some dyes used are organic. In addition, it is essential that you do not mix the Soft Surface Cleaner with any other chemical products as this will deactivate the enzymes.

Get back to calling your little friend a good boy or girl as our Soft Surface Cleaner makes you forget all about that nasty stain they left for you. Pureflor gives you the confidence that your home won’t be ruined in the process of training your pets to be the most well-behaved version of themselves.