Floor cleaning can seem like a grueling and laborious task. Carrying heavy water solution buckets for your mop or having to bend down to spray the floor is not an enjoyable way to clean. Traditional mops require a lot of steps. You need to fill a bucket with water, add cleaning solution, soak mop, wring out mop, mop floor, rinse floor, empty dirty water, and repeat. Mop strings and sponges can also trap dirt and germs which can lead to streaking.

 This is not how you want to be spending the free time that you have to clean up. Pureflor understands that time is valuable, and efficiency is just as important as achieving a premium clean.

 We believe that we have the best mop for hard floors and offer the most optimal cleaning experience. From the moment your Pureflor Spray Mop arrives you will be met with our easy-to-follow instructions in our packaging. The durable plastic and steel poles click together by aligning the red arrows. Then, simply add one cap full of our natural plant based cleaner to the 600ml water tank. Place the Spray and Go Mop over the washable microfibre cloth mop pads and you are ready to go. This cleaning product offers a fantastic ergonomic trigger handle that means that you can save yourself the back pain that comes with constantly bending over. Our Mop allows you to spray the Pureflor Hard surface Cleaner with an even distribution while standing up, creating a seamless experience. The maneuverable swivel head makes it easy to mop around furniture, table legs and stairs. The Pureflor Spray and Go Mop allows you to effortlessly glide over your hard surface flooring.

 The Hard Surface natural cleaner utilises its multi-enzyme formula to lift organic material, breaking down dirt and grime into their natural elements of water and carbon dioxide. Not only does it save you time during the cleaning process, but the multi-enzyme formula works up to 72 hours after application.

 If you are an elderly person looking for the perfect way to clean that doesn’t require elbow grease or if you are a busy professional or parent already struggling to find time for house cleaning, Pureflor cleaning solutions is your answer. It not only gives you a clean home but also gives you back your time so you can spend less time cleaning your home and more time enjoying it.

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