Everyone is different and people have different rules and methods to their lifestyles in their home. The way you look after your house reflects the habits of the people that live there. Taking care of your home by cleaning can have a big effect on your mental health.

There a different types of cleaning approaches- Read below to see which cleaning type you might be.


  1. The enthusiastic cleaner

The enthusiastic cleaner is someone who has a natural inclination to clean and is happy to do so. It is normal for this person to create a vibe while cleaning with the often addition of music, potentially turning the cleaning process into a performance. With a mixture of dancing and cleaning, there is a lot of fun to be had between mopping the floors and wiping down benches. They feel an immense sense of satisfaction and pride from the whole process resulting in a positive feeling.

For this person we would recommend the Deluxe Kit as it covers all bases if your clean and allows you to vibe out while doing a deep clean.


  1. The chronic procrastinator

This person seems to exhibit an avoidant personality type. They will come up with any excuse not to clean and will often invent or draw attention to other less important tasks as a distraction from their cleaning duties. Ultimately, they prefer to be doing anything other than cleaning.

However, once this person has built up the courage the address their accumulated mess, they attack with an efficient and quick approach. They wish to clean in the least amount of time possible. Like ripping off a band-aid this person does not wish to make it a drawn-out process.

The perfect product for this person is the Pureflor Spray Mop as it allows you to evenly distribute our Hard Surface Cleaner on your floors – Keeping your home and office clean, increasing efficiency.


  1. The Health and Wellness Cleaner

These individuals like to treat their homes like a temple. Their aim is to keep a pure and tranquil environment free of clutter and mess. A pure house is a happy house for them. They also are inclined towards organic and natural products.

The Microfibre Hard Surface Kit is a great option for this type of person as the multiple microfibre clothes with both white and grey colours means you can use different cloths for different rooms in the house form the living room to the bathroom.


  1. The on-edge cleaner

Cleaning can be a great way to destress, especially if someone has been anxious or pent-up stress or anger. Cleaning can be a great distractor from stresses that may be plaguing your life. The repetitive nature of the action can help bring your breathing to a constant similar to meditation creating a therapeutic environment. Although they may not clean the whole house at once they definitely do have their favourite areas to clean, as it tickles a part of their brain, making it quite satisfying.

The Mop Hard Surface Kit is a great option for this person as the Mop and Hard Surface combination is super satisfying as it glides overs your floors as well as the fact the enzymes in the multi-enzyme formula continues to clean up to 72 hours after application.


  1. The explosive cleaner

Cleaning personalities like this work in peaks and troughs, however when they peak, they explode with huge burst of energy. This is purely a vibe-based system with motivation or inspiration coming on a whim and burning hot until their goal has been achieved. It is not uncommon for these people to frantically move object around in order to clean, leaving objects in the way of walkways to be dealt with once the area is clean. These people aren’t too concerned with what they clean with as long as it gets job done to their satisfaction.

The perfect product for this person is the Pureflor Starter Kit as it has all the essential tools required to ride that wave of motivation and get the job done.

Do any of these cleaners sound familiar to you? Which cleaning personality aligns with you?

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