There are a lot of cleaning products on the market containing many harmful chemicals as their active ingredient. Why would you choose a product for your home or workplace that could bring harm to your health and those around you? Not only this, but you are not getting the complete clean that your previous products could be suggesting. This is why Pureflor wanted to provide a safe and ecologically conscious alternative. So, what makes Pureflor safer? We use a soap free multi-enzyme formula designed to break down grease, oil, and food waste. It eliminates odours destroying the organic matter, rather than masking it or covering it. Not only this but it is also pH neutral and non-corrosive meaning it is suitable for all surfaces not harmed by water including vinyl flooring, tiles, wooden floors, and concrete.

What is the science behind an enzyme-based formula and why does it provide a superior and safer clean. Enzymes are a biological catalyst – substances that increase the rate of a chemical reaction without being used up, through lowering activation of energy of the reaction. Enzymes are almost always proteins that fold into complex shapes, allowing small molecules to fit into them at what is called the active site.

So, to explain the process in which Pureflor uses its multi-enzyme formular to clean your surfaces we are going to assume that the Enzyme in the below diagram is an Enzyme in Pureflor Hard Surface Cleaner and the substrate is any type of organic matter i.e. Dirt, grease, fat, oil.


When you use one of our Pureflor products by wiping or using a mop the enzyme binds together with any organic material as seen in the above diagram. Once this occurs, a natural reaction occurs called a catalytic reaction. After this reaction takes place the enzyme then breaks down the organic matter into Carbon, Hydrogen and Water and these particles are then released into the air. The enzyme continues to do this until it loses energy and stops working, this is why the enzyme can work for up to 72 hours after application on the surface.

Important things to know about our formula is that we use technology that will help facilitate a more efficient result. The enzyme does one part of the cleaning process and is supplemented by additional additives that allow the product to clean more efficiently.

Our formula uses medical grade enzymes that are manufactured through a sterile fermentation process allowing the enzyme to have stability. We contain a true multi-function enzyme i.e., Protease, Amylase, Lypase and Celulase. Some competitors may claim multi enzyme but are in fact a single strain of Protease with may variations which are actually a general characteristic of most Protease enzymes. Additionally, our enzymes work within a pH band of 3 to 12, most enzymes are only active between 6 and 9 which means we can formulate a lot more products. The additives within our formula soften the water which is more optimal as enzymes work better in soft water. This proves valuable as the water in Australia is regarded as hard. It is also important to note most of our competitors use one surfactant and in our hard surface floor cleaner, we use two. One to emulsify the dirt and one to release the dirt from the surface to attach to the mop head.

 The Pureflor multi-enzyme formula is designed to be the safer and more ecological choice for consumers. The enzymes within our formula are still active up to 72 hours after application which mean our product continues to work for you long after you’ve put in the work to clean. Pureflor removes dangerous disease-causing bacteria and organic matter by breaking down the layer where these organisms live for improved human and animal health. Pureflor is the obvious choice to harmful chemical-based cleaners leaving you with the peace of mind that not only are your receiving and exceptional clean, but you are also protection the environment, yourself, and those around you.