There is nothing worse than when you are ready to kickstart your day and within the determination to make your train on time you spill coffee over the shirt you just nicely ironed. Or when you have an important interview, and you get the jam from your morning toast on your pants or God forbid you spill your burrito on your jacket on your first date.

Life is stressful enough as it is, so why would give yourself the opportunity to add to your list of problems. Pureflor understands that accidents happen in our fast-paced lives, and sometimes in the frenzy of life’s dependencies we can on the unfortunate occasion end up wearing our lunch. The truth is unless we are participating in the Spanish tomato throwing festival, we would prefer our clothes stay away Tomato based foods.

Don’t fret though! Pureflor’s Soft Surface Cleaner has got you covered not matter the food related mishap. Whether you dip your sleeve in your Spaghetti bolognaise or spill soy sauce due to a lack of dexterity of with chopsticks. The enzymes in our Soft Surface Cleaner work to break down food into their basic elements (carbon dioxide and water) which easily merge into their environment, opposed to polluting it. Odours are completely removed, leaving you with clean and fresh smelling clothes that doesn’t contain any lingering overpowered artificial fragrances.

Pureflor Soft Surface Cleaner doesn’t just clean food related messes though, it can also clean pet stains. So, if you’re training a little puppy or kitten and they have an accident on you at the park you don’t have to stress. Pureflor allows you to be prepared, meaning you can go back to watching your little fury friend have the zoomies and not have to worry about smelling like your pet’s urine in front of the other pet parents.

You can be assured that Pureflor Soft Surface Cleaner is environmentally preffered product as it is rated as apart Global GreenTag Certificate scheme to ensure customers that this product is not hurting the environment and is not going to harm the health of you, your family, and your pets.

When you purchase any Bundle containing the Pureflor Soft Surface Cleaner or the individual product you receive a free complimentary 30ml Spray bottle. It is super convenient for a handbag, briefcase, backpack or even just in your car. We know life can throw curveballs so we created Pureflor Soft Surface Cleaner as a safety net for you to power through your day with the confidence that you can always present yourself stain free, and ensure you are looking your best for life’s important moments.