Considering the switch to an eco-friendly floor cleaner? Great choice! Whether you’re looking for a new all-purpose cleaner at home or searching for a reliable commercial cleaner, here’s why an eco-friendly option is the best option.


The impacts of chemicals found in conventional cleaners

There are many harsh chemicals used in traditional cleaning solutions, which can be harmful to your family and pets as well as the environment.
  • Ammonia can irritate your eyes and can affect people living with respiratory issues
  • Sulphates & phosphates contribute to the pollution of water bodies and can harm and kill marine wildlife
  • Bleach can irritate eyes and skin as well as contribute to headaches, allergic reactions and respiratory problems
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) are irritants that can result in dry, flaky or itchy skin.

Just as these chemicals can harm and irritate us, they similarly contribute to water pollution that destabilises and harms aquatic and marine life. Despite the adverse impacts of these chemicals, many people still opt for them. So, what’s stopping the eco-friendly switch?


Common myths around eco-friendly floor cleaners

‘Eco-friendly’ tends to come with assumptions that make people hesitant to make the transition. But a lot of the objections to eco-friendly cleaning solutions are just myths.


The effectiveness of eco-friendly cleaners

People stick to harsh chemical solutions because they mistakenly believe they perform better, or that they’re necessary to strip away grime and grease. But eco-friendly cleaners can be more effective. Pureflor’s cleaning solutions use the power of natural enzymes to break down the very molecules that act like glue for dirt and stains – dissolving them safely and effectively.


Eco products and odours

Those artificial fragrances included in chemical-heavy products don’t actually contribute to the surface’s cleanliness, they just mask the smell. Plus, they usually contain phthalates that can negatively impact your health. Pureflor uses natural fragrances that remove unwanted odours without the nasty chemicals.


The cost of going eco

There’s an assumption that eco-friendly cleaning products come with a ‘premium’ that makes them more expensive than conventional cleaners. But sustainable, eco-friendly products are more cost-effective in the long run. Pureflor’s hard surface cleaner has a dilution ratio of 100:1, meaning one bottle can clean 10,000m2 of surface – far outlasting other cleaners!


Eco-friendly products and removing bacteria

Many people reach for antibacterial solutions when cleaning. However, the overuse and misuse of antibacterial solutions can risk producing and multiplying strains of bacteria resistant to detergent and antibiotics. The natural enzyme blend in Pureflor works to break down and destroy dirt, oil and stains without killing good bacteria.


The pros of an eco-friendly floor cleaner

Given most objections to the eco-friendly switch are merely myths, here’s the added benefits of a green floor cleaner.

  • Better for your health – natural ingredients mean you cut out the health risks that come with conventional cleaners
  • Better for the planet’s health – natural products won’t result in unnatural imbalances to our biodiversity.
  • Simplicity of ingredients – count the number of ingredients in your cleaner and identify them quickly so you can make smarter and safer decisions for your home
  • Reduce packaging and waste – with more sustainable solutions that last longer, you’ll restock less and cut back on packaging waste

Conscious cleaning with Pureflor

Pureflor has been at the forefront of innovative floor cleaning solutions for over 50 years.

Our cleaners are:

  • Soap free: meaning there’s no unwanted soap build-up over time
  • Natural: Pureflor is made using natural enzymes that won’t upset good bacteria
  • pH Neutral: no damage to surfaces. Wherever you can clean with water, you can clean with Pureflor
  • No chemical agents or phosphates: helping protect your family from potential harm
  • Eco positive: our formula helps keep our planet healthy, without sacrificing on results.

Take a look at our full product range and make the switch today.