If you’re readying for a good spring clean, it’s important to consider your pets in the process. Whether a playful pooch or a friendly feline, there are a few things you should know about your cleaning routine. 

Brush and bathe your pets regularly 

If you have a particularly furry friend, they’ll be grateful for a daily grooming. A good grooming routine will help reduce shedding that can spread through your home. In addition to removing any hair that would otherwise shed on the floor, regular baths will help you remove any dust and dirt they may have collected – especially if you’ve got an outdoor pet. 

Keep a tidy feeding station 

Our pets don’t always know their table manners and can be messy eaters. Place your pet’s food and water bowls under a placemat to make cleaning up a breeze and prevent them from spreading their food out across your floors.

Clean their toys and accessories

Chew toys and any accessories regularly used should be cleaned to remove any built-up bacteria that can collect from other surfaces or from their own saliva. If your furry friend has taken a particular liking to a toy and it’s a little worse for wear it may be time to dispose of it and swap it for something new, as much as your pet may object.

Remove pet stains and odours thoroughly 

If your pet hasn’t been potty trained or has made a mistake, clean and deodorise the stain as quickly and as thoroughly as possible with Pureflor’s surface cleaner. Their keen sense of smell means they’ll pick up on any lingering odour and might attract them to make a habit of it. 

Stop dirt at the door

If you’ve got an outdoor pet, chances are they’ll be bringing dirt and outside bacteria inside. To prevent this, make sure to clean their paws after their adventures and regularly clip their nails so they don’t collect dirt. If they do leave dirt on the floor or your furnishing, apply Pureflor as soon as you can to effectively room dirt and prevent stains.  

Start a cleaning routine

If you’re a new pet owner, you’ll need to adjust your regular cleaning routine to accommodate your new family member. You should factor in how much fur your pet will shed, whether they’re indoors or outdoors and what products could be potentially harmful to them. 


Vacuum at least twice a week

Even our shorthair pets shed fur, and it can quickly get out of hand. You’ll want to vacuum more often than normal and consider investing in a vacuum cleaner designed for pet hair. You may only need to vacuum once a week if your pet has short hair, but if you have a particularly furry friend, you might use your vacuum two or three times a week. 

Use only pet-safe cleaners

Lastly and most importantly, keep your furry friends safe by opting for pet-friendly cleaners. Eco-friendly, natural cleaners like Pureflor are void of any harsh chemicals that can irritate your pets or lead to long-term health concerns.

Is bleach or ammonia safe for pets?

It’s quite unanimously known that bleach and ammonia are not safe for pets. Not only can your pet breathe in the toxic fumes, but they may eat or spill the chemicals on them if you leave the chemicals on surfaces or don’t store them away properly. 

What natural ingredients are toxic to pets? 

It isn’t just the harsh conventional chemicals that can harm your pets. Essential oils like tee tree oil are toxic to your pets and should be avoided. Other oils to avoid include eucalyptus, cinnamon, ylang ylang, pine and wintergreen. 

Happy pets and a clean home with Pureflor

Pureflor cleaning solutions use a natural enzyme that breaks down dirt and oil, cleaning your surfaces without the use of harmful chemicals and ingredients toxic for pets. Our natural formula makes a fantastic pet-friendly cleaner – it’s eco-friendly too! Browse our product range today.